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March 16, 2020
March 20, 2020

Egg Albumen Powder


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  • 100% Pure Egg Albumen Powder is heat treated and packed. We have two variants of Egg Albumen Powders are Egg Albumen Powder – high gel and Egg Albumen Powder – High whip.
  • No aaditives are used.
  • Egg albumen powder is generally used for various applications including Noodles, sausage, surimi, and confectionaries

Nutritional Information

Nutrients(gm) Value/100gm
Protein(gm) 80
Fat(gm) 0
Carbohydrate(gm) 4.5
Of which sugar(gm) 0
Energy( 376
Sodium(mg) 1238
Calcium(mg) 89

Shelf Life and Storage Condition

At Ambient Temperature in dry place – 12 Months

< 24° C – 36 Months


Egg Albumen Powder


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