Quality Policy

Food Safety Policy

We at SKM as manufacturer and supplier of eggs and egg products are committed to delight our customers through.

  • Delivering safe and high functional products.
  • Compliance to hygiene practices.
  • Compliance to applicable food safety and environmental related rules and regulations of India as well as importing country and customer requirements
  • Maintain communication on food safety related information and
  • Continual improvement
To delight our customers, we understand, develop egg products, egg based blends . We deliver, safe & high functional products & services through continuous improvement.

Quality Assurance

The quality assurance department of SKM Egg products has a full-fledged Physico-chemical, Microbiological, and Residue laboratory managed by a qualified team of trained chemists & microbiologists.

The quality assurance department monitors the raw material (eggs, additives & processing aids), packing materials, work-in- process stages and finished products.

The prime function is to ensure good manufacturing practices, and to assure confirmation to quality criteria. The laboratory closely monitors the Critical Control Points including plant and personnel hygiene as part of HACCP.

Sampling as per FDA-98 and VAM-95 is done batch wise for all products. Samples are analyzed for physiochemical, functional, microbiological and residual parameters.