ISO 22000 certified Poultry Farm of SKM Produces clear, residue-free eggs. Bio-Security measures ensure disease prevention. Our hens are fed with specialized 100% vegetarian nutritious diet which is composed primarily of maize, grains with added vitamins and minerals.

Our poultry farm is maintained in a safe and hygienic environment. We monitor the feed and care the health of every bird to maintain the best quality eggs. As our birds are fed with the vegetarian diet, our eggs are pesticide free and do not have the stinking smell. We assure the safety and freshness of our eggs and egg products with our best-in-class poultry farm.

  1. The chick and grower sheds with a capacity to hold 100 thousand birds each is located in a different location

  2. Strict adherence to structural and operational biosecurity measures ensures disease prevention.

  3. Laboratory attached to farm routinely analyze water, tissues, shell egg samples to ensure the health of the birds and the quality of eggs.

  4. Day to day sanitation, proper disinfection, and potable water helps to maintain birds in good health.

  5. Compliance with food safety is ensured with the certification of ISO 22000.

  6. Incinerator facility helps to safe dispose off the dead birds.

  7. To ensure the safety and quality of Raw Material, a backward integration of setting up our own poultry farm of 0.6 million layers are housed in 12 sheds of each 50,000 capacity. The annual production capacity is around 164 million eggs.